CDBG Staff Contacts

CDBG Program Manager

Brandon Jenson

Office: 573-751-1830

Cell: 573-508-9767


Monica Monroe - Administrative Assistant



CDBG Development

Debbie Feeback - Chief Development Officer

Office: 573-522-5957

Cell:  573-508-9930

Harry Bozoian – Planning Specialist

Office: 573-751-2089

Kevin McHugh – Environmental Specialist

Office: 573-526-1490


CDBG Annual Allocation Staff Contact

Kim Stuefer - Chief Compliance Officer

Office: 573-522-4058

Cell: 573-536-1960

Amy Barnhill – Compliance Specialist

Office: 573-526-4196

Cell: 573-301-0327

Shaniyah Duncan – Compliance Specialist

Office: 573-751-2079

Cell: 573-508-9716

Julianna Kliethermes - Compliance Specialist

Office: 573-751-5090

Cell: 573-508-9423

Quyen Nguyen - Compliance Specialist

Office: 573-526-6616

CDBG Disaster Recovery Staff Contact

Tyler Griffith – Disaster Recovery Compliance Specialist

Office: 573-522-1402

Lyric Stotler – Disaster Recovery Compliance Specialist

Office: 573-751-2028

Ryan Griffin - Compliance Specialist 

Office: 573-751-2035

Cell: 573-821-0616


CDBG Financial Staff Contact

Joe Sanning – Chief Financial Officer

Office: 573-522-8569

Lisa Branson – Annual Allocation Financial Analyst

Office: 573-751-5093

Christopher McCormick – Disaster Recovery Financial Specialist

Office: 573-751-5091

Michelle Landers - Financial Monitoring Specialist

Office: 573-751-5964

CDBG Regional Map

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Project Administrators

CDBG Project Administrators List 

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Contact CDBG

Main CDBG Phone Number: 573-751-3600