CDBG Contacts

Project Administrators

CDBG Project Administrators List 

(This list is subject to change. Please be sure to check the link to make sure you have the most up-to-date list.)


Staff Contacts

Main CDBG Phone Number: 573-751-3600

CDBG Program Manager

Mary Rajek

Phone: 573-751-3600


Candace Buford – Program Coordination Specialist

Phone: 573-526-3167

CDBG Annual Allocation Staff Contact

Amy Barnhill – Compliance Specialist

Phone: 573-526-4196

Denise Derks – Compliance Specialist

Phone: 573-751-5090

Daniel Engler – Compliance Specialist

Phone: 573-751-5091

Amy Werner – Compliance Specialist

Phone: 573-751-2039


CDBG Disaster Recovery Staff Contact

Walter Baker – Disaster Recovery Compliance Specialist

Phone: 573-522-1402

Whitney Cravens – Disaster Recovery Compliance Specialist

Phone: 573-751-2028

Amanda Jacober – Disaster Recovery Compliance Specialist

Phone: 573-751-9076


CDBG Financial Staff Contact

Lisa Branson – CDBG Financial Analyst

Phone: 573-751-5093

Marina Stever – CDBG-DR Financial Analyst

Phone: 573-751-2089

Jennifer Wickham – Single Audit Review Specialist/Risk Management Coordinator

Phone: 573-751-5964


CDBG Environmental Staff Contact

Alison Anderson – Environmental Specialist

Phone: 573-526-1490

Kimberly Stuefer – Environmental Specialist

Phone: 573-522-4058